About Us

Confidence is a self-esteem trait that is hard to build and maintain.

Many women and men around the world struggle with body acceptance and self-love instead of embracing every curve they represent. Fashion photographer, Victoria Janashvili, has photographed some of the top straight- and plus-size cover models and influencers in the fashion industry. Through her work, she has uncovered the true beauty of these women, which has not been their physical appearance. But, their CONFIDENCE.

Janashvili has collaborated with some of the top international models and self-love advocates to showcase several types of curves in all shapes and sizes from different ethnic backgrounds and ages. CURVES, The Book is dedicated to illustrate the female beauty undefined by our society and its standards. Janashvili's artistic bare prints unveil inspiring testimonies on how it has lead these women to become confident through each curve photographed. Whether it's through body paint or a uniquely styled photo, each curve in this book pays an homage to establishing self-love.

Embrace the Curves!

 What's inside the book?


CURVES, The Book will embrace a union of more than 40 models and self-love supporters who come together with fashion photographer and advocate, Victoria Janashvilli, to bring her vision of curvey art to life through a narrative photography book.

Each page unfolds their line of confidence through each curve photographed by Janashvili which shares their individual stories of how confidence was built within them.